Catered Meal Plans

Are you short on time? Don't want the hassle of cleaning up the dinner preparation mess? Do you want a clean, home cooked meal? If you answered yes to all the questions, JJ's has the solution!

JJ's does catered meal prep daily. You pick the main dish(es) and the side(s).

Choose 1 main and 1 side and you have your meal for the night! We will do our best to honor any specific request.

Pick up or delivery, dinner is available at your finger tips!

All our meals are made fresh day of, therefore, if you order 3 meals for the week, you can pick up or have it delivered (unless otherwise requested) 3 times.

Delivery times vary, generally we deliver between 3:45pm-6pm, however we will do our best to meet your desired delivery time if required.

All orders for the upcoming week should be placed by Sunday late afternoon, especially those ordering more than once throughout the week. Later orders require a minimum of 24 hour notice for delivery. Sign up (below) for our weekly email reminder to place your orders!

At JJ's, we strive to prepare our food in the healthiest manner taking in account our clients dietary and sodium restrictions. While our kitchen staff is comprised of fine dining chefs, our goal is to use less oil, less butter and less salt without compromising flavor.


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